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The Stagg Junior 16" 5-Piece Drum Set Including Hardware and Throne is a fantastic junior kit designed to give serious young learners a proper playing experience at a size they can handle - this kit is not a toy or a novelty but a great stepping stone towards a full-size pro kit. 

Aimed at children around 6 - 10 years of age, this is a simple, well-thought-out kit featuring everything your child will need to get started, straight out of one 17.1kg box. Lightweight, compact components ensure that any child will be able to handle this kit with confidence and their durability is such that they will withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps a young novice will put it through. 

The larger of Stagg’s two Junior Kit configurations, this set features a 16” bass drum, slightly deeper toms and snare and larger cymbals. It comes in a two-up, one-down setup with a snare and hi-hat - all in a single 17.1kg box. This is the ideal package with everything required for your little learner to get grooving straight away and bash out their first 1-2-3-4’s.


  • 16 x 11" bass drum
  • 10 x 5" snare drum
  • 12 x 10” floor tom
  • 10 x 6” tom
  • 8 x 6" tom
  • 8” Hi hat Cymbals
  • 10" crash cymbal
  • Snare drum stand
  • Tom holder
  • Cymbal holder
  • Hi hat stand
  • Bass drum pedal
  • 4-section throne
  • Drumsticks
  • Drum tuning key



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Stagg Junior 16" 5-Piece Drum Set Including Hardware And Throne - Red

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